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Ayurvedic Living Nutrition

Live-Food FAQ


 Ayurvedic Living Nutrition:

Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science

The first training of its kind in the western world, combining the 5,000 year old practice of Ayurveda with Live-Food nutrition.

Often called the "Mother of All Healing" this powerful system of healing originated in India. More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a "Science of Life", (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge).

In Ayurveda, body, mind and consciousness work together in maintaining balance. A lifestyle approach, Ayurveda emphasizes prevention through offering guidelines on ideal daily and seasonal routines, nutrition, exercise, and the proper use of the senses and herbs. Through a constitutional approach, the knowledge of Ayurveda enables one to stay vital and fulfill one's potential.   


The Living-Foods approach is proving to be the healthiest, most common sense diet on the planet. Why? Because when we eat our foods in their natural state, we receive maximum nutrition and therefore maximum health. A living-foods approach brings more energy and a resilient immune system.  Stress, chronic illness, burnout, immune dysfunction, depression or weight concerns are all addressed in this very informative training.

For anyone who has struggled with one-size fits all diet, exercise, or psycho-emotional fads, this training offers a welcome relief with its comprehensive approach to nutrition and lifestyle practices.vegi

Blending the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Living-Food Cuisine allows each person to customize their nutritional lifestyle to fulfill their unique needs.

The Living Centre offers a unique synthesis of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the cutting-edge knowledge of Organic Vegan Live-Food Cuisine  to create an integrated path toward the well being of oneself and the Earth. 

The Power of Ayurvedic Living Nutrition – Revealed to You

herb salad

Ayurveda teaches that foods are carriers and balancers of Prana, the Vital Life Force. Each food has its own unique characteristics of energy and flavor through which it produces a specific effect on our bodies, minds and emotions

The live-food approach includes unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, dried fruit, and seaweeds.

fruit cake

Local living-foods have all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and Phytonutrients intact.

Ayurvedic Living Nutrition is a wholistic approach to life and nutrition. It includes conscious eating practices and techniques, and focuses on personal, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

 What you will learn:

  • The Essentials of Live-Food Nutrition  
  • The Living-Food Advantage
  • Ayurvedic Constitutional approach to Nutrition
  • Designing your own nutritional program
  • How to cleanse and purify your body
  • Emotional & psycho-spiritual nutritional health
  • Individually Structured Diets with Food Lists
  • Eating According to the Seasons 
  • Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis (based on Shantree's book)
  • Daily Q & A sessions with Shantree
  • And there is more. Contact us for information

Thess workshops will be of benefit for those who are seeking to: 

  • Enhance the health and vitality of body, mind and emotionsbreakfast yummm 
  • Learn to create a nutritional program suited to one's unique needs and constitution
  • Discover how to apply the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with Live-Food Nutrition
  • Increase one's spiritual capacity
  • Bring more energy & pleasure into your life
  • Heal a chronic or acute disease
  • Enjoy the healthiest nutrition on the planet


Ayurvedic Living Nutrition: 
Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science


For 5000 years a remarkable teaching has existed which is universal in its application and ageless in its wisdom. Ayurveda was the summation of the teachings of the ancient Rishis master of India. We will explore the nourishing wisdom of this ancient lifestyle model and the power to create physical vitality, spiritual health & ecological harmony. 

Learn how organically-grown vegan living foods are givers of life energy and have proven themselves to be dynamic helpers of diseases such as diabetes, migraines, asthma, joint pain, fibromyalgia, allergies, colitis, depression, anxiety, cancer and overall stress. Increased mental and physical stamina, gentle detoxification and enhanced immune system are all common experiences with living foods. The results are simple - greater vitality, youthfulness, clarity and happiness for oneself and the Earth.  

Discover how the forces that gives us life – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether – live in and through us, and how to activate their life-force for healing and vitality. 

You will be introduced to Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis as a vital diagnostic tool informing you of underlying health challenges, progression and regression of disease and the depth of a pathogenic imbalance. 

Discover, first hand, the life-changing, life-enhancing, no more worry about dieting, easiest and most compassionate way of eating through an Ayurvedic plant based living food approach to nutrition. 

vibrant salad

Topics Include:

  • The Vegan Revolution
  • The Plant Powered Advantage
  • Resilient Cuisine – Reversing Illness
  • You Eat What You Are
  • Whole Body Eating 
  • The Five Sacred Elements: The Source to Ultimate Vitality
  • Dispelling myths that have perpetuated dis-ease
  • Why excess protein is killing us & the environment
  • The Six Healing Tastes
  • The Spices of Life
  • Wild Nutrition

“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed. Ayurveda gives us the means.” ~Dr. David Frawley

person in rainAyurvedic Veganism & the New Human Ecology


Why? All our lives we have been told by those we trust that eating meat and dairy was essential for health, and that animals are here for our use. What if this is incorrect? What if, in fact, you could prevent and reverse disease, feel fantastic and full of energy on a plant-based diet. How would you feel knowing that by simply changing food choices you could help in averting further climate crisis, eradicate global hunger, express your respect and love for animals, more closely align with your deepest values, and be part of an evolving state of consciousness where peace, freedom and respect for all life is possible. 

Explore every way that food matters – from the reclaiming of personal vitality to supporting the vitality of our beautiful planet.  Examine the far-reaching implications of our food choices and the worldview they reflect and mandate. How our shared cultural reality is profoundly affected by the attitudes, beliefs, and practices surrounding food. 

Re-sensitize your body/mind. Discover how food habits shape consciousness. Question and partake of new cultural values and paradigms that support you and the Earth.  

Reconnect with your bio-region through plant walks and wild edible foraging. Understand the energetic impact of food choices.

“Animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than blacks were made for whites or women for men.” ~ Alice Walker

live food

Topics Include:

  • Plant-based Nutrition: Medicine for Healing Today’s World
  • Eating as if the Earth mattered
  • Global Norms as Blindness
  • The Herding Culture – From Domination to Freedom
  • How We Got Here & Where We’re Going
  • The Withering of Intelligence & Purpose
  • Deepening Connection, Compassion & Relationships
  • Why food should be a commons, not a commodityspices for life
  • Food Choices & Sustainability
  • You Are Where You Eat
  • Local Perennial Nutrition

"In each generation we’re given the right medicine for the world repair, and I want to emphasize veganism is the medicine for healing today’s world." Dr. Gabriel Cousens

echinacea flowerNourishing Wisdom: 
Nutrition for a Changing Planet

JANUARY 27-28, 2018

Food is our most intimate and telling connection to the natural world and ourselves. Yet, for so many people today food is a source of conflict and confusion rather than a source of delight and nourishment. Food has been reduced to "fuel" - a listing of nutritional "value." The hundreds of food-related issues that plague our world, from weight loss dramas, eating disorders, cravings, addictions, body image obsession to nutrition related illnesses and environmental depletion can be tracked to a loss of connection with self, food and nature. 

The Ayurvedic Living Nutrition Lifestyle experience ends the relentless search for the best nutritional system, putting the knowledge and power back onto your plate (so to speak). The constitutional model of Ayurveda gives you insights into the nourishment that works best for your unique constitution. You’ll discover how seasonal cycles affect dietary choices; how the dance of each Element changes according to age, stress levels, environment, physical activity and past traumas. How the key to ultimate nutritional vitality rests in your ability to listen to your body needs and desires; identify inhibiting thought processes and create ones that support your evolution; and reclaim the vast intelligence and power of your emotional body

Our explorations includes how to build your digestive fires and the foods to support that.  The advantage of being local. How to create resilient organism that can easily adapt to the ever increasing changes on our planet through climate change, exposure to pollutants in our air, water and food, soil nutrient depletion and escalating global stress.  

A unique Sevenfold constitutional lifestyle process gives you the knowledge, insights, and empowerment tools to create a balanced nutritional program that support you and your environment. 

Topics Include:


    • The Missing Ingredient
    • Discover Your Unique Constitution
    • The Nature of Habits & Cravings
    • The Why's of Eating Disorders
    • Changing World; Changing Diet
    • Stoking Your Digestive Fires
    • Nourishing Fasts
    • Our Body – Our Friend
    • Nutritional power of Relaxation, Awareness & Rhythm
    • Saying ‘Enough’ to Social Pressures
    • Becoming a Sprouting Master
    • Local Weed Fermentations
    • Wild Edible Plant Walks
    • Plant Identification & Foraging Excursions

 “The revolution that is demanded by our yearning for peace, freedom, and happiness must provide a new foundation for our culture, moving it away from its herding values of oppression and disconnectedness toward the post-herding values of respect, kindness, equality, sensitivity, and connectedness. Above all, this revolution must change our relationship to our meals—our most practiced rituals—and to our food, our most powerful inner and outer symbol.” 
~ Will Tuttle, World Peace Diet

lily pad

Spiritual Nutrition:
The World Peace Diet

MARCH 17-18, 2018  

“First, live a compassionate life. Then you will know.” ~ Buddha

What if the transition from a ‘culture of death’ to a ‘culture of peace’ begins with what’s on our dinner plates? Does the shift in consciousness needed to move humanity to it’s next evolutionary step start with who we eat and how we treat others? Could veganism be the most practical action we can take for cultivating a new era of social justice and environmental protection? Can the Ayurvedic Living Foods Lifestyle lift us from the prison box of self-preoccupation and isolation, healing the mentality of domination, the rape of the feminine aspect and the practice of exclusivism? Can it support the growth of intuitive wisdom, cultivate compassion and be the seed for our spiritual ripening?

The answer is YES to all of these questions! Find out how and why, as we speak to the deep spiritual hunger at the core of the nutritional dilemma and global crisis. Enlightening insights into the Food-Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit-Nature connection offers a truly holistic platform for our exploration.  Discover the power of comprehensive compassion to transform consciousness and purify the human spirit.   Practicing the art of live cuisine becomes an opportunity for creative expression, and a potent portal to the sacred.

Topics Include:
woman in nature

    • The Evolution of Human Consciousness
    • Scientific and Religious Reductionism
    • We Become the Vibrations We Take In 
    • The Secret Shadow vs the Golden Rule
    • Sattvic Diet & The Human Spirit
    • Veganism - The Path to Non-violence
    • The Spiritual Nutrition Paradigm
    • The Liberation of the Feminine
    • The Intuitive Imperative
    • Reclaiming Universal Human Values
    • Energetics, Evolution & Spiritual Anatomy 

Ayurveda is the science of life and it has a very basic, simple kind of approach, which is that we are part of the universe and the universe is intelligent and the human body is part of the cosmic body, and the human mind is part of the cosmic mind, and the atom and the universe are exactly the same thing, but with different form, and the more we are in touch with this deeper reality, from where everything comes, the more we will be able to heal ourselves and at the same time heal our planet.” ~Dr. Deepak Chopra

cakeWhat Everyone Should Know About Living-Foods 

  • Live fruits and vegetables contain all the phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals 
  • Live-foods give the body the enzymes needed for proper digestion and right function of all body systems
  • Many nutrients, including all enzymes are destroyed by heating food above 118 degrees
  • Eating fresh live-foods builds your immune system making you more resistant to disease and allergies.
  • Oils, animal fats, nuts and seeds are chemically changed by heating, creating toxic substances harmful to the body.
  • You have more energy and vitality when you eat live-foods.
  • You look better and healthier when you eat live foods.
  • Many people have reported healing chronic diseases by eating living-foods.
  • Live-food naturally cleanses the body of toxins resulting in more energy, vitality and happiness.
  • Live-food tastes better


"Shantree & Lorenna's matter of fact, down to earth, simplified and logical explanation of so many things was great.  And, the idea that tastes are not just what goes in your mouth, but what make up your whole day/lifestyle helps me understand why I am wanting to eat certain things. The whole idea of local foods "mothering" you is a great visual for me. The whole conversation was great. It helped me to generally deepen my understanding of how complete the Ayurvedic system really is." ~Tink McDevitt

"I really enjoyed the conversation about raw foods and a beginner to both fields, I assumed that raw foods was simply part of Ayurveda and now I realize that a raw food eater is not necessarily employing Ayurvedic principles." ~Joy Onyschak

"The workshop really made me more comfortable with how raw foods fit into the Ayurvedic framework. Also, hearing your passion about how nature can inform us more deeply about our purpose and why we're living in the specific location we are is so inspiring and thought-provoking. I look forward to finishing your book and keeping tabs on your work. Thank you for spreading these teachings!" ~Ashley Dentino

"What wisdom and grace flowed from the conversation.  I am inspired!  I appreciate your thoughts and emphasis on seasonal transitions and ideas for winter sprouting. Thank you for sharing!  I look forward to spending more time with our book!" ~Beth Rintz

"One thing that sticks in my mind is your suggestion to sprout everything!  Now that growing season is over, I miss my garden and the fresh veggies that I was able to harvest right before eating.  The suggestion to expand our thinking about what can sprout, allowed me to reflect on the greens I miss from my garden.  Now, in addition to my usual sprouting of red clover, alfalfa and broccoli, I have been sprouting arugula, kale and chard seeds.  I can continue to "harvest" my own fresh veggies and I look forward to experimenting with other seeds! With much gratitude" ~Demi Garner

"Thank you for the amount of work you have put together is truly amazing and original thought. I can't tell you what it has meant to myself and my patients to finally see Ayurveda married up with Living Nutrition aspects to give such a wholistic approach to health. Thank you for your dedication to your work that gives so much to humanity." ~Nancy

"I have studied live food nutrition with a number of individuals and schools in the U.S. but none have been able to integrate Ayurveda and Living Nutrition in such a scientific and holistic manner as you. It has been both a pleasure and honor to have taken your courses." ~Martin

Shantree Kacera, D.N., Ph.D.

Founder and co-director of The Living Centre and Living Arts Institute. He blends his over 40 years of experience to offer programs that support individuals in the practice of conscious living.

Through The Sevenfold Path to Peace, Ayurvedic Teachings, and a Live-Plant-Food-based lifestyle he supports those with a passion to live healthier, happier & more spiritually fulfilled lives. Shantree is an internationally celebrated visionary, author, educator, nutritional researcher and world peace worker.

Shantree is an Ayurvedic Live-Food Nutritionist, Therapeutic & Shamanic Herbalist, and Constitutional Iridology Educator with 40 years experience in the Natural Healing Arts. He is the founder and co-director of The Living Centre (1983), and Living Arts Institute. Learn more

Radio Interview with Shantree about Ayurveda his book Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis

How to Lose Weight with Ayurveda and Enzymes Article

Teleseminar: Eating Right for Your Body Type with Shantree Kacera

Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera

Founder of Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings, a revolutionary earth-based spiritual practice, which reawakens our ecological heritage.

She is co-founder and director with her husband Shantree of The Living Centre and Living Arts Institute. Lorenna is a Permaculture Educator, Ayurvedic Living Nutrition Educator and Sevenfold Path of Peace coach with a specialty in evolutionary regeneration at the personal, ecological and spiritual levels.

A study into the mysteries of life and how to invoke the primal elements of nature have shown her that human and Nature are one force, interconnected in all ways. Her teachings support the reclaiming of our birthright as ecological beings, and with it ourselves and our future. She believes that everything we need to know about how to live extraordinary lives we can find the answers to in Nature. 

Her 40 years experience in the field of personal transformation, spiritual evolution and holistic ecology has gifted her with a diversity of regenerative modalities and wisdom, which she loves to share with others. Learn more

Dates & Times for Ayurvedic Living Nutrition


To accommodate individual needs a person can attend our teachings as a One-Day or Two-Day Workshop:

Ayurvedic Living Nutrition:
Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science

October 7-8 , 2017
9am - 5pm.

Ayurvedic Veganism & the New Human

Dec. 2-3, 2017
9am - 5pm

Nourishing Wisdom: Nutrition for a Changing World

Jan 27-28, 2018
9am - 5pm

Spiritual Nutrition: The World Peace Diet

March 17-18, 2018
9am - 5pm

Register for Ayurvedic Living Nutrition 

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Includes: workshops, educational material and organic vegan live-food lunches.

Transportation, tax and accommodations are not included in the pricing.

Payment can be made through 'PayPal' below, or by certified check. Please make check payable  to 'The Living Centre' and send to: 5871 Bells Rd., London, ON., Canada N6P 1P3


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