The Living Centre - Eco-Spiritual Education Sanctuary

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Trainings at The Living Centre 

The Living Centre  promote a renaissance in human thought, values and conscience based on healing, eco-sustainability and openness. Our wish is to grow together as global citizens; to contribute towards the creation of a culture based in peace; as we look to life and common humanism as the core values for a regenerative society.



four seasons

Permaculture Courses 

An internationally recognized, 72-hour training in the ethics, principles, methods, techniques, and practices of Permaculture Design Course. 
Introduction to Permaculture
Four Season Permaculture Certification Course. Learn more



 Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Foundations 

In the midst of the extraordinary planetary challenges we now face we are also given an great gift - the opportunity to transcend our present global crisis and cultivate a worldview that honours the sacredness of all life, and all beings within it as related and interdependent. This changes everything. Learn more



Spiritual Ecology

How can the spiritual practice of 'Following Your Allurements' be one of the most important actions you can take in supporting the regeneration of the Earth, and your life? What if the only way the world can become fully itself is as each person becomes fully her or himself?  Learn more

ancient forest
Wild Earth, Wild Heart Mentorship

Crafting Joyful Cultures of Connection. An 8-month leadership pathway in ecologically based spirituality. Wild Earth, Wild Mind is an invitation to re-vision our lives back into unity with the living Earth. It supports the shift in consciousness needed to transition from a culture of separation, to one that is rooted in nature’s design and evolutionary wisdom. Learn more

Primordial Movement & Dance

Primordial Movement emulates the intrinsic movements and fluid forces of our biological beginnings helping to harmonize our essential nature with Source energy. Through our Primal Dance we enter the fluidity of being alive, shattering the borders between body, heart, mind, Self, Earth and Universe.  Learn more  

autumn forest
Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Immersion

A soulful, life-affirming journey into the wonder and mystery of this sacred, living Earth. This week-long, or two day, experience immerses participants in a living, learning adventure of connection with Self and Nature. Learn more

 Active Hope: Awakening the Courageous Heart

A weekend of dialogue and experiential exercises based on the revolutionary practice of the Work that Reconnects, first developed by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy in 1978. Learn more


Forest Gardening

Create gardens that are easy to manage, require few tools and give you the highest quality food. Forest Gardening gets its inspiration and direction from observing and following the patterns of nature and how She creates gardens that sustain and nourish all life. Find out more about this practical and highly informative masterclass. Learn more


Practical Herbalism

This two-part training teaches the skills necessary to become confident in basic herbal ways. Between time in the garden and classroom you will learn how make a wide variety of herbal preparations and how to use them. Learn how to identify and gather medicinal plants during garden walks. At the end of the training, you will have the beginnings of an herbal medicine chest as well as the knowledge to expand it on their own. Learn more


leafNutritional Herbalism

This training is for those who want to study the fundamental skills necessary to practice this healing art, as well as the profound understanding of the essence of Herbalism. The training combines earth awareness, scientific observations and research with practical folklore techniques to form a well-rounded study of the Art and Science of Herbalism. Learn more    


Ecological Herbalism

Ecological Herbalism is a workshop  that focuses on the roots of sustainability and practical skills of the art of herbalism. This training empowers you with the knowledge, tools, and experience to further your journey toward understanding the connection between inner and outer ecology.  Deepen your connection of deep ecology of nature. Learn more

earthShamanic Herbalism

Shamanic Herbalism opens us to the ancient language and mysteries of the plant kingdom.  This unique program draws us into the energetic wisdom of Ayurveda and The Essenes and shows us how to connect with the spirit of the plant, its medicine and potential.  Embark on a great adventure as you journey to the source of all! nourishment and the origins of life. Learn more

saladAyurvedic Living Nutrition

Live-Food Nutrition is an exploration into an understanding of Live-food Nutrition. Find out how to heal nature's way, regardless if it's stress, chronic illness, cancer, burnout, immune dysfunction, fibromyalgia, depression, weight concerns or you are healthy and want to stay that way. Learn more

"The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship." Ralph Waldo Emerson