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The Work that Reconnects

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earthheart The Work That Reconnects (WTR):
Awakening the Courageous Heart

The central purpose of the Work That Reconnets (WTR) is to help people discover a new relationship with their world, experience their innate interconnection and the self-healing powers of the web of life, so that they may be revitalized to play their part in the creation of a regenerative Earth Community.  

With multiple cataclysmic forces worsening every day; with greed, hate and fear escalating, never before has work of this nature been so important. Feeling overwhelmed and powerless, many are falling prey to denial and despair. The WTR shows us how grief, anger and fear are healthy responses to the harsh realities of our time, and when honored will free us from paralysis, empowering us toward creative action. 

Drawing from deep ecology, systems theory and spiritual traditions, the WTR builds motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity. It has supported hundreds of thousands of people around the globe to find creativity, solidarity and the courage to act.  

 Join us for a weekend of dialogue and experiential exercises based on the revolutionary practice of the Work that Reconnects, first developed by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy in 1978.

"A must for all who want to mobilize humanity in service of all beings." Rabbi Liebling, Director Social Justice Organization

 Work That Reconnects:

  • Provides perspectives and a fresh understanding of who we are and how we are related to each other and the universe.

  • Reframes our pain for the world as evidence of our mutual belonging 

  • Awakens stamina and resilience to live with full awareness 

  • Affirms that our intention to act for the sake of all beings can become the organizing principle of our life

  • Helps us identify the strengths and resources we can mobilize to activate the self-healing of the world

  • Presents the 'Great Turning' as a challenge that every one of us, in collaboration with others, is fully capable of meeting in our own distinctive ways

The Process:

The weekend takes you on a journey around a spiral of four successive stages - Coming from Gratitude, Honouring our Pain for the World, Seeing with New Eyes, and Going Forth.
  • Through gratitude we connect to our personal power and become more present to life. 
    the spiral

  • By honouring our pain for the world we experience the true meaning of compassion and discover the immensity of our own hears and minds. 

  • Experiencing the reality of our inter-existence helps us see with new eyes. We feel the living connections with past and future generations and the other-than-human beings. 

  • We begin to comprehend our own power to change and participate in 'The Great Turning' according to our situation and gifts.  Each step bringing new perspective and opportunity as we go forth together to create life-sustaining cultures.

The process is a way to maintain balance and joy; a waking up to the beauty of life; a realization that we belong to this world and that the web of life is calling us forth at this time.

At each stage of the Spiral we deepen and integrate our experience through simple embodied and artistic processes, from movement and sound to visual expression.  

We nourish and stimulate our brains by exploring concepts from systems theory and deep ecology; our bodies and souls through deep listening to ourselves, each other and the natural world.the grounds

Experiential, felt-awareness practices deepen inter-connection with all of Life, enlivening our journey toward personal and social transformation. Deep listening processes awakens a larger sense of self and interconnection. Playful and heartful contact, and organic living foods support the process. 

Expect to leave this weekend feeling alive, nourished, filled up, and energized to play your unique role in the essential adventure of these unprecedented times.

Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera & Shantree Kacera D.N., Ph.D. invite you into a journey of renewal, insight and hope as they share processes and philosophies that inspire the shifts in consciousness needed to usher in a truly vibrant and vital Earth Community. 

“If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear.” - Joanna R. Macy


LorennaLorenna Bousquet-Kacera -  

Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera & Shantree Kacera D.N., Ph.D are 'Work That Reconnects' facilitators and founders and directors of The Living Centre & Living Arts Institute (est 1983)

Lorenna is founder of Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings, a process that supports individuals in restoring personal and planetary oneness.  She is a Certified Permaculture Educator, and co-founder of WomanEarth: Ecological Being.

Lorenna incorporates the WTR into all of her teachings at the Centre. Weaving indigenous teachings, Deep Ecology, holistic science, and Eco-philosophy with movement, sound and ritual practices that emulate the primal expressions of Nature, she offers profound wisdom and insight into the shifts in consciousness needed for this new era, and how to embody these.  

Her 40 years experience in the field of personal transformation, spiritual evolution and holistic ecology has gifted her with a diversity of regenerative modalities and wisdom, which she generously shares with others.  More


Shantree Kacera, D.N., Ph.D. is a Work That Reconnects facilitator, certified Herbalist, Certified Permaculture Educator, Ayurvedic Live-food Nutritionist and author. After 40 years in the healing arts and an ecological activist he is very aware of the need for processes and practices that truly support a 'shift' in the way we approach our activism and our 'doing'. He believes that without a solid base of understanding how to maintain one's centre in the midst of increasing chaos that it will be harder and harder for people who are here to do the work of transformation to have the courage and energy to do so. He see's the Work That Reconnects process as vital to the, Great Turning, as Joanna Macy calls this time of transition. 

Shantree's love of Earth and the plant world imbues all of his teachings and is an expert on the medicinal and nutritional properties of herbs and trees of Carolinian Canada. 


"Inspirational. Transformational. Meaningful and so supportive. I feel empowered." 

"Amazing! Fantastic to meet like minds, learning tools to stay connected, to build hope, strength, to re-charge and move forward will help me greatly. It is so beautiful, magical and rejuvenating here." 

"Very up-lifting. The workshop helped me to reclaim my power and joy." 

"Tenderly renewed! That is how I felt after the workshop at The Living Centre. Through reconnecting with the whole, I could reconnect with the caring person I am. I will continue my work in Holland, but with much more tenderness."

"I felt deeply held, safe, encouraged, expanded both experientially and through knowledge.The authenticity, the transparency, the animals and the land, all contributed to the gift of receiving the teachings." 

"Natural, real, comforting, joyfull, truthful, alive, calm, serious, professional. I had high expectations, but it was beyond." 

"Wonderful! This was a very heartfelt, deep and profound experience. The balance between experiential exercises, sharing education (DVD's & teachers) deepened my reflections, experience and learning." 

"Great. Thank you. You are a great pair to carry these healing teachings. Great hospitality, group size, environment and food." 

"This was an awesome experience. Moving from feeling sadness about all that is happening in the world, to being 'in the moment' with all this naturalness and pure reality, like minded goal setters and teachers that embody the progressive future we all hope for. What's not to appreciate and hold and take with! Thank you! 

"This was an incredibly powerful experience... although there was a lot of discussion it transcended words, invoking a shift in the self at a core level." 

"Deeply enjoyed this transformational workshop. I felt a shift the very next day - a 'Oneness' like never before, that I belong. Previously my deep love and observation has come from a place of separation, not wanting to disturb natures flow I have been nurturing from the outside in. It is now clear, to do this work I need to honor my humanness, connecting with the natural world through my ancestral history I'm not an intruder, observer, protector etc... I am simply apart of the flow by being there."

"This was an amazing workshop. I enjoyed it all! The sharing is so good. The people, so incredible. Many, many thanks."  

"I want to thank you again for your leadership and insights from the past weekend."

"An amazing and wondrous workshop."

"I truly enjoyed and learned from the weekend. I am energized and have had lots to think about. It will be a wonderful new adventure."

"It was a wonderful awakening. Facilitators were great. Lots of connections made. Definitely made a surprising impact on me. Thank you. Im an educator. I know how draining two days can be but you kept the energy up and inspired us all."

“It was just great.  Great balance of sitting, standing, moving, reflecting, speaking, listening, sharing and learning.”

“…There was a perfect balance between practice and theory.  Thank you so much!”

"This was a wonderful workshop. It was beautifully laid out with interaction exercises, discussions, information and plenty of opportunity to share. I'm so thrilled that I was introduced to this work. I look forward to taking more."

"The spiral is an amazing map for getting me back on track and staying with what is important to me." 

“The day flew by.”

“Well paced, meaty content.”

"An amazing weekend. Thank you. Thank you!"

What people came away inspired to do:

-  “Continue to dedicate my life to making [the world] a better place”

-  “Talk and write about [The Work that Reconnects].  Invite friends to experience it after I read the book [Coming Back to Life, by Joanna Macy]”

- "I finally know I could make those changes in my life that I have wanted to do for so long."

- “Follow through with my ambitions…[with] renewed resolve”

-  “Continue to develop teachings including the work [that reconnects], [and take them] to other communities not already aware.”

-  “Begin my journey for creating workshops/seminars for business leaders in developing humanity and enlightened leadership!”

-  “Adjust my workshops”

-  “Continue to work on my listening skills; continue to create conditions for people to be themselves, try to create safe space for myself and others wherever I am.”

Date & Registration Information

exuberance Dates:
May 13 & 14, 2017 and
May 13 to 16

Saturday - 9:30am to 5:00pm
Sunday - 9:30 - 5:00
Monday - 9:30 - 5:00
Tuesday - 9:30 - 4:00

The Living Centre, 5871 Bells Rd. London, ON N6P 1P3 (Map)

Saturday & Sunday - $250
Saturday to Tuesday - $400

Includes live-food vegan lunches and workshop material. Does not include taxes, transportation or accommodations.

Space reserved for the first 12 people. Please reserve your space well in advance. Your place will be reserved upon payment. 

Partial work-trade is available. Please contact Lorenna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 519-652-9109

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"We are creating with our imaginations a period of rebuilding, where the intercommunion of all species will guide our life activities. We must come to understand that these dreams of ours do not originate in our brains alone. We are the space where the Earth dreams." - Brian Swimme


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