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Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Foundations

Dates & Registration

heart tree
Enchantment of the Earth Realms

What would our lives be like if we no longer saw nature as something ‘out there’ without intelligence, but as an extension of who we are, with wisdom and teachings essential to our existence? How would it feel to be rooted to place, aware of our unique part within the great web of life? What would we gain personally and as a planetary family if we had a soul-full connection to our-selves and all of our relations? What would it be like to be a part of a culture who is committed to living the dream of the future –  Now! 

Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings is a pathway into the most important spiritual journey of our time – that of non-dual consciousness. Where the ancient knowing that Earth and human are one is restored. Entering the enchantment of Earth’s realms, attuning to the rhythms of Nature, you discover that the wind, sun, ocean and mountains are vibrantly alive in the depth of your soul, their dreams and destiny intertwined with yours, enriching each other. Shamanu awaken your inherent interconnection – and why it matters.

Processes inspired by ancient and modern traditions support you to move beyond old patterns of belief into a new vision of healing, joy and peace for our planet. With every part of Earth under siege, we do the sacred work of crafting a worldview able to cultivate mutually enhancing relationships with the forces of Nature and each other.   

Both a self-healing journey and a call to action, Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings reminds you that beyond the flurry and chaos of this cyber-age there is a forgotten terrain where you may seek guidance, healing and wisdom. Where you are empowered and uplifted to do the work of healing yourself and your world, with new clarity, passion and purpose. 

Being in deep relationship with Earth as student to elder; realizing that we belong to nature and the web of Life, opens the alchemy for healing and protecting that which we love and loves us back. 

"It is this kind of education that will take us into the future in a good way. Totally inspiring." Sean

Processes that Connect 

tipi ritualOur approach is to ground education in the source of Life - the Earth. Shamanu: Earth Wisdom weaves a diversity of regenerative practices: Deep Ecology philosophy, Indigenous teachings, personal transformation strategies and deep nature immersion with story-telling, mindfulness practices, and heart-centered listening, to nurture the integration of Self, Community, Nature and Spirit. The process supports individuals to develop and deepen into the powers of Earth as fundamental forces of who they are, turning them into first hand experiences that are applicable to ones life and service. 

Sessions includes somatic practices to elevate and ground what you are learning. The Primordial Movement EarthDance, Sound work, Ritual and Meditation processes awaken our felt connection with the primal expressions of nature.   


"Now is the time when we must renew ourselves and live as if we and all of life is sacred, and as if everything we do makes a difference." Jean Houston

The location of our workshop is in the beautiful Permaculture gardens of The Living Centre. We will be outdoors in nature (weather permitting) where we can connect with the more-than-human world. The experience includes classroom time, practices to deepen interconnection with Nature and Self, and times alone to simply 'be' held in the enchantment of Earth's realms.

"The Earth's powers are coursing through us moment by moment. To become aware of these powers is to touch the source of Life." ~ Brain Swimme, Cosmologist

Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera


Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera is founder of Shamanu: Earth Wisdom Teachings, (est. 1989), a grandmother and daughter of the Earth. Lorenna has followed her own wild heart to grow Earth centered training pathways which she has offered across North America. Weaving enchanted stories and wise council, Lorenna supports us at this time of global crisis/opportunity to return emboldened to Earth and to our own human wildness. 

For over 45 years Lorenna has mentored ‘change makers’ from all walks of life. Her teachings help us reclaim our birthright as ecological beings, and with it an Earth-honouring vision that is centered in a practical spirituality. 

Lorenna is the co-director with her husband Shantree of The Living Centre (est.1983). She is a Permaculture Educator, Ayurvedic Living Nutrition Educator and Sevenfold Path of Peace coach with a specialty in evolutionary regeneration at the personal, ecological and spiritual levels.

A study into the mysteries of life and how to invoke the primal Elements of nature have shown her that human and Nature are one force, interconnected in all ways. Her teachings support the reclaiming of our birthright as ecological beings, and with it ourselves and our future. She believes that everything we need to know about how to live extraordinary lives we can find the answers to in Nature. 

Her 40 years experience in the field of personal transformation, spiritual evolution and holistic ecology has gifted her with a diversity of regenerative modalities and wisdom, which she loves to share with others. 

To break the spell of separation; to rediscover the creative heart of nature; to feel the Earth's power in your bones and use it for the greater good, is to know the Earth's ecstasy as yours.

Dates & Registration


Date: March 18 & 19, 2017

Time: 9:30am - 5pm

Saturday - $150
Saturday & Sunday - $225
Includes: workshop, educational material and organic vegan living-food lunches. 
Transportation, tax and accommodations are not included in the pricing.

Companion Pricing: Bring a friend and save $25.

forestPayment can be made by 'PayPal' (below) or certified check, including 13% hst tax. Please address checks and send to:

The Living Centre, 5871 Bells Rd., London, ON., Canada, N6P 1P3

For those who wish to deepen into these teachings through the Shamanu: Wild Earth, Wild Heart 8-month Mentorship, $200 from this workshop will go toward your tuition. (Does not apply to specials)


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