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Primordial Movement

heart handsPrimordial Movement: Opening Hara & Heart

7-Week Series

Movement is as essential to Life as breathing. In this series we enter the liquid, undulating flow of our primordial movement, combined with the healing movements of hara (abdominal) massage. 

Rippling, wave-like movements govern the health of every system in our bodies. They direct the rhythms of our digestive systems, organs, circulation; affect the flow of thought, creativity, emotion and sexuality. These deeply organic, core movements connect us to the wisdom that swims in our cells and underlying animating energies of Life.  When this movement is stuck, so are we.

Eastern traditions see the abdomen (hara) as the core of the body –referred to as a second brain - a centre for body and intuitive intelligence.  The energy flow of our nervous system, blood vessels and lymph glands concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen. Worry, anxiety, sadness, stress, impatience, poor diet, lack of exercise and meditation (all rampant in our culture) constricts our capacity to fully digest life and release what is no longer needed.  An open, fluid abdomen is central to living a vibrant, connected life.

Taoists believe that both negative and positive emotions are stored in the vital organs, accessible through the abdomen, and that we also ‘think’ with our stomach. Opening your belly through simple massage techniques and primordial wave movements increases the life-force to all body systems, and liberates heart wisdom. With heart and body open the rhythmic beating of the drum will guide you into soul-space at the end of each session, to connect with your inner guidance and inspiration.

This series combines solo and partner work, the use of belly balls, Primordial movement, breath and sound processes, and Earth-centered meditation practices. Each evening is 3 hours to give time for connecting, opening and integrating.  Please eat very lightly and dress comfortably. 

"There are few processes I have found more effective. Not only is tension in my body quickly released, it balances and heightens both my emotional and mental states. Doing this alone or with a partner opens my heart to a state of deep spiritual resonance. An healing experience I look forward to sharing with you." ~ Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera

Date: March 9 to April 13, 2017

Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Fee: $280 plus hst tax

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