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Permaculture Design Presentations

passing on to the futurePermaculture Design Presentations

We wish to invite our community to this free presentation offered by our newly certified 2017 Permaculture Design students. 

Date: Saturday the 18th of November at 1pm - 5pm.

Eco-Spiritual Community

This team effort will demonstrate how to create a self-sustaining, regenerative Eco-spiritual community for 19 adults (4 couples, one baby) on 50 acres

Topics covered are:

1. Infrastructure/Housing - alternative building - include alternative energy systems, water management, ponds, retrofitting of house, parking, vehicles, income source -  and whatever else you wish to add

2. Land stewardship -  food, forest gardens, seed saving, wild-crafting, storage, vegan approach, include creating of sacred spaces, trails, driveways, (zone, sector, slope), water management, income source -  and whatever else you wish to add

3. Health & Spiritual well-being - plant medicine, complimentary & wholistic medicine, creating of sacred spaces, Inner permaculture - body/mind/spirit disciplines, education, income source - and whatever else you wish to add

This is a Free Event!
However, we do ask that you RSVP so that we can prepare the space accordingly, thanks!

Tea and desserts will be served.

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