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Forest Gardening: Ecological Vision & Practical Application

Forest Gardening:

An Ecological Vision & Practical Application to a Regenerative Future

The Vision 
A Million Forest Gardens in Carolinian Canada by 2017

The Carolinian Canada Forest Garden Campaign 

One Thousand Gardens ~ 2012
Million Gardens ~ 2017

Shifting Paradigms
A new paradigm for human participation in the ecology of cultural and natural landscapes. 

“Obviously, few of us are in a position to restore the forests. But tens of millions of us have gardens, or access to open spaces such as industrial wastelands, where trees can be planted. and if full advantage can be taken of the potentialities that are available even in heavily built up areas, new ‘city forests’ can arise...”
~Robert A de J Hart, was the pioneer of forest gardening in the UK. 

Forest gardening is a high-yielding, low-maintenance, and the most regenerative form of gardening existing to humanity. Integrating knowledge from the fields of permaculture, agriculture, ecology, biology and other natural living sciences into a wholistic set of evolving tools and practices, forest gardening is one of humanity’s greatest prospects for establishing a flourishing future.

Forest gardening is about returning to a place of honouring our relationship and connection to Nature, of sacred partnership with the living planet we comprise, and through these relationships reinventing and building whole connected thriving eco systems that sustain and regenerate all life.

We are offering numerous pathways to be Educated, Inspired and hopefully Activated in creating ecological forest garden sanctuaries of sustainability.

Forest an idea whose time has come.

We are offering numerous pathways to be Educated, Inspired and hopefully Activated in creating ecological forest garden sanctuaries of sustainability.

Forest Gardening: A Call to Action e-Manual

This is a how-to-manual. Discover the simple 7-step approach to establishing a flourishing forest garden for your bioregion. Packed full of practical wisdom that will make your transition to an ecological garden that will sustain and nourish you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Enjoy the regenerative journey! Forest Gardening: A Call to Action e-Manual


Forest Garden Tours

The garden tours give you an opportunity to see the array of learning opportunities of edible forest gardening practices and plants that thrive here in Carolinian Canada through the various seasons. The garden tours begin after Earth Day in April and end in October. Forest Garden Tours


The Deep Ecology of Forest Gardening Immersion

The Deep Ecology of Forest Gardening informs and engages you in creating ecologically sustainable gardens for human living and planetary sustainability, while deepening the experience of a truly human intimacy with the natural world. Weekend or 7-Day Immersion

Forest Garden Walk-Abouts

A Forest Garden Walk-A-bout is an exploration with the property owner(s) on how to take advantage of the abundant natural resources surrounding their property such as the sun, rain, wind, climate and soil. An informative and inspiring assessment of the potential of the landscape. An exploration of what elements would be most beneficial by implementing a forest gardening design for the property. Forest Garden Walk-Abouts


Learn how to apply practical Forest Gardening design practices to a diversity of landscapes with a focus on dense urban environments. Create and grow your own food no matter how big or small your backyard. Design your own property to 'be a part of the solution' in regenerating the landscape using forest gardening principles to establish a sanctuary to rejuvenate your whole being. Forest Gardening Workshops/Training


This is not your ordinary home-study course. This course is created to be an interactive form of educational and experiential learning providing a comprehensive introduction and practical application of Forest Gardening, allowing students to apply the principles in every aspect of their own lives. Forest Gardening Correspondence/Mentorship

Teacher Training

This teacher training course is for those who desire to study in-depth and share this with others as forest garden educators. Forest Gardening is an unique course combining the ancient wisdom of Ecological Design, Deep Ecology and Forest Gardening with the application Regenerative Practices. Forest Gardening Teacher Training

Carolinian Canada Forest Garden Guild

Forest gardening may be an idea whose time has come, but that does not mean that the powers that be recognize that fact. As a result, it is up to those of us with the insight, interest, and wisdom to develop forest gardening to its full potential. We have much to learn, and much to do together. If you have completed a forest gardening or permaculture course we invite you to join us. Carolinian Canada Forest Garden Guild

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