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Forest Gardening e-Manual


Forest Gardening: A Call to Action

Forest Gardening…is an idea whose time has come!

Indeed, we must begin learning to apply ecological principles to the design of our food production systems now—we are rapidly approaching or are already at the peak of planetary oil production, and the world of energy descent is upon us. 

This sea of change in our culture will require that we learn to live within our energetic means and begin to rebuild ecosystems that support human and humane lives without diminishing the ability of the ecosystem to support our children and grandchildren.

“Obviously, few of us are in a position to restore the forests. But tens of millions of us have gardens, or access to open spaces such as industrial wastelands, where trees can be planted. and if full advantage can be taken of the potentialities that are available even in heavily built up areas, new ‘city forests’ can arise...”
~Robert A de J Hart, was the pioneer of forest gardening in the UK. He began his forest garden project at Wenlock Edge on the Welsh borders in the early 1960’s.

What you will find in this 170 plus page e-Manual

This is a how-to-manual. Discover the simple 7-step approach to establishing a flourishing forest garden for your bioregion. Packed full of practical wisdom that will make your transition to an ecological garden that will sustain and nourish you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Enjoy the regenerative journey!

Table of Contents

1) Introduction

2) Forest Gardening: As a Spiritual Practice for a Regenerative Way of Life

3) The Vision

  • the gardenThe History of Forest Gardening: In a Nutshell
  • Just Imagine…

4) One Millions Forest Gardens Can Change Our Bioregion ~ Our World

5) Ethics & Principles of Forest Gardening

6) The Gifts of Trees

  • Social Benefits
  • Community Benefits
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Spiritual Benefits
  • Seeing with the Eyes of a Tree
  • Planting Fruit & Nut Trees for Your Community (List)

7) Inspirational Tree Quotes

8) The Seven Layers of the Forest Garden 

9) Forest Wisdom

  • Annual Monoculture
  • Why Perennials?
  • Perennial Benefits
  • Perennial Vegetables
  • A Forest Garden: A Living System
  • The Value of Diversity
  • A Forest Garden Ecosystem

10) Carolinian Canada

  • Location 
  • Climate
  • The Diverse Flora of Carolinian Canada
  • Fauna
  • Rare Species Carolinian Canada Indicator Species
  • Trees Species, Shrub Species & Herbaceous Plant Species (List)

11) What is Forest Gardening? In a Nutshell

12) Forest Gardening: Inspirational Reflections

13) The Climate is a Changin…

14) Forest Gardens & Climate Change

15) The Power of the Elements

16) Forest Gardening: Creating Microclimates for Peace

17) Growing Soil & Ensuring Soil Fertility

  • Sheet Composting
  • Rules of Sheet Composting
  • Pit or Trench Composting
  • Basic Techniques of Sheet Mulching
  • Advantages & Disadvantages

18) Living Mulch: A Chop & Drop Approach to Soil Fertility

  • Chop-N-Drop Mulching-On-Site more Efficient than Composting!
  • Season Extension

19) How to Build a Hugelkultur

  • Hugelkultur Raised Garden Mounds - In a Nutshell
  • Creating a Dead Wood Swale a Great Way to Create Organic Living Soil
  • Hugelkultur Raised Garden Mounds FAQ

20) Forest Gardening Ecology

  • How We Garden Reflects Our World View
  • Four Aspects of Forest Ecology Are Key
  • Community Architecture
  • Ecosystem Social Structure
  • The Underground Economy
  • Succession
  • Practice

21) Assessing Your Landscape

22) Scale of Forest Garden Permanence Checklist

23) Essential in Creating a Forest Garden: The Design Process

  • Your Objectives – Defining Your Goals, Vision & Principles
  • Four Principles of Practice
  • Basic Design Principles
  • Holmgren’s 12-Design Principles 

24) A Step-by-Step Process in Creating a Forest Garden

  • Observation
  • Visioning: Articulating Goals
  • Planning: Layout Zones & Sectors
  • Analysis & Assess
  • Development: Conceptual Design
  • Implementation, Harvest & Enjoyment
  • Revaluation, Reassess, Redesign, Revaluate

25) Local Food: Herbivore meets Locavore

26) Organic * Local * Native * Vegan

  • The Essential Principles
  • Do Not Dig the Soil
  • O.M. Organic Matter
  • Liquid Weed Teas
  • Pests and Diseases
  • Encourage the Wildlife
  • Cultivate Perennial Species

27) Native vs. Exotics Plant Species

28) Guidelines for Choosing Edible Native Species for Your Forest Garden

29) Edible Trees & Shrubs of Carolinian Canada

30) Forest Garden Plants

31) Plants for Specific Locations

32) A Case Study: Spirit of the Earth, The Living Centre – A Historical Timeline

33) Getting Started on Your Forest Garden Project

  • The Forest Garden Designer’s Checklist
  • Base Plan and Project Analysis Plan
  • The Components and Zones in a Forest Garden

34) The Vision Revisited

35) The Forest Garden Campaign

36) About the Author

  • A Deep Place of Listening: A Conversation with Shantree 

37) The Living Centre

38) Forest Garden Further Education, Inspiration & Activation:
Herb Walks, Forest Garden Tours, Workshops, Trainings & Correspondence Mentorship

39) Forest Garden Walk-Abouts, 

40) Forest Gardening Internship Program

* A Special Forest Garden Offer to You!

  • shantree with herb

This 170 plus e-Manual is $25 plus hst tax. Can be payed online (below) or with a cheque  or money order made out to:

The Living Centre
5871 Bells Rd., London, ON. Canada N6P 1P3 

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