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Green Juices for Cell Rejuvenation

"Chlorophyll will be the principle protein for the coming light bearing age. When freshly made in a drink, it contains synthesized sunshine, plus the electric current necessary for the revitalization of the body, and it will open areas of the brain that man yet known nothing about."
-Dr. Ann Wigmore, 'Let There Be Light'
  • Cleansing
  • Energizing
  • Exhilarating
Brings about:
  • Rejuvenation
  • Cellular repair
  • A sense of well-being body, mind and emotions
The fresh juice of plants is very much like the juice of our cells. Drinking the juice of fresh greens be it herbs or foods is like drinking the nectar of the rejuvenation of youth. The essential elements that may be lacking in your body cells- particularly the live enzymes, bioactive vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and other unknown factors that- can be easily assimilated through daily green sunlight transfusion of fresh green juices that are often destroyed by processing.

The civilized human being has only to look in the green forests and wild meadows to learn from nature and the animals of the wild. They have no medical hospitals, no doctors or nurses, no prescription drugs, and yet the same laws of creation that govern all humans rule them. Observe any animal when it is ill, it nibbles on green grass and weeds or it fasts, depending on its instincts. There seems to some type of healing, protective medicinal value that makes all animals desire to nibble the green blade. They do not get the same diseases as our domesticated animals that eat processed packaged food.

The chlorophyll molecule closely resembles hemin (a component of hemoglobin), the pigment that combines with protein to form hemoglobin. The latter is present in the red corpuscles of the blood and by carrying oxygen to the tissues makes the production of energy and life possible. The major difference between chlorophyll and hemin is that chlorophyll contains magnesium while hemin contains iron as its central atom.

Fresh green juices used without any additional dietary changes have a great effect on a wide range of diseases. The human being dies from over 250 known diseases, whereas grass-eating animals in the wild, such as the horse, deer, steer or elephant are prone to only five or ten diseases. The only explanation that scientists have been able to come up with is that these animals are living on a diet that is fresh and grown naturally by the earth without the use of chemicals.

Many fresh green juices are contain crude chlorophyll (70% of the juice solute), even if only a few ounces of this was consumed fresh everyday most people would feel a energy surge in no time at all. A common statement that the late Dr. Ann Wigmore said to her students is that "Fifteen pounds of fresh wheatgrass is equivalent in nutritional value to 350 pounds of the choicest vegetables."

The fresh green juices bring an alkaline force into the body that aids to neutralizing the toxic acidity from which most individuals suffer with. The alkalinity of the juices speeds up the recovery from disease by supporting the body's own healing activity and cell regeneration.

"Fresh juices are the internal baths of health and youth."
-Dr. Paavo Airola

Green Gold- Chlorophyll Juice may be extracted from numerous herbs and plants that can be grown easily in your own backyard:
  • Stinging Nettles- blood & circulatory and urinary systems
  • Red Clover-blood & circulatory, respiratory and lymphatic systems
  • Wheatgrass-nutritive and cleanser for blood, protect against radiation exposure
  • Alfalfa- dispels heat & fever; blood & circulatory and urinary systems
  • Lemon Balm-nervous, digestive, and circulatory systems
  • Wild Violet leaves-blood, lymphatic, respiratory systems
  • Barley Grass-urinary, nutritive tonic, blood & circulatory systems
The most important aspect of incorporating fresh juices into your daily health regime is Freshness! Some research that has come out recently suggests that the bioelectric, colloidal potential of most juices diminishes significantly overnight and is usually gone within 24 hours after being juiced. Numerous nutritionists and health practitioners have estimated that the live enzymes in the juice are destroyed within a few minutes up to an hour afterward.

Fresh juices as mentioned earlier supplies a lot of nutrients and life force from the green plants and herbs. To do a short one day or a weekend fast of juices is an excellent way to supplies the live enzymes that further aids the cleansing process. The juices are assimilated directly into the body with stimulating or stressing the digestive system. A weekend juice fast once a month is a good way to keep the body clean. The famous and oldest European raw-food clinic founded by Max Bircher-Benner, M.D., believes that fresh juices contain an unidentified factor that stimulates the function of the cells to absorb nutrients and excrete toxins. Most European natural health clinics use raw juices as part of their rejuvenation programs.

A fast provides a controlled and safe situation where an individual can reset one's dietary dial to a healthier dietary regime.

"Fasting clears away the little things which clutter the heart and mind.
It cuts through the corrosion, renewing our contact with spirit."
-Dr Paul Bragg

In juice fasting it is a detoxification process, one becomes clearer and more vital over time. It is the single most powerful, transformative body-mind-emotion-spirit experience that people can do for themselves.

(6-8 oz. each, depending on body weight)

6:00 am. Warm lemon water with honey to taste
8:00 am. Fresh squeezed orange juice
10:00 am. Carrot/apple/celery with fresh ginger root
12:00 am. Green juice (e.g. leafy green, lettuce, sprouts, wheatgrass, with carrots)
2:00 am. (same as 10:00 am juice)
4:00 am. "V7" carrot, lettuce, celery, pepper, beet, zucchini, carrot, spinach
6:00 am. Green juice (e.g. leafy green, lettuce, sprouts, wheatgrass, with carrots)
8:00 am. Warm herbal tea according to your condition, season and constitution

* Use organic produce as much as possible, and drink immediately after extracting, drink slowly. Be creative with these recipes and use whatever greens and produce you have in your garden and what's in season. When juicing greens balance them with pleasant sweet tasting vegetables such as: carrot, beets, squash, celery or a few apples to give it that familiar taste you are familiar with.

Book in your calendar one day a week to be your ‘Green Day' and see and feel the transformation begin.

Green blessings to you,
Walter 'Shantree'

Walter 'Shantree' Kacera, Ph.D. D.N., Therapeutic Herbalist & Ayurvedic Nutritionist with over 30 years experience in the Natural Healing Arts. He is the founder of "SPIRIT of the EARTH, ˜The Living Centre' an Eco-Spiritual Education Retreat & Sanctuary, founded in 1983.